The new MR5 Loop System

Designed for pedal boards, rack shelves etc.

The new MR5 Loop System is a smaller version of our MR10 Loop System.

Our highly recognized high impedance input buffer is integrated in this unit, and our extremely low-noise line driver is dedicated for every single return signal,
ensuring that all impedance and signal level matching issues are dealt with and taken care of. The difference is mind blowing.

Experience the real sound of your stomp boxes, without the impedance mismatch you normally have in conventional loop systems.
Each stomp box sounds as if it was the only unit in your system.

The MR5 is without a doubt the most noiseless and silent switching loop system available – even in high gain and very high volume applications.
Unique RFI protection on every incoming and outgoing signal.

The MR5 will recognize both Midi Program Change and Midi Control Change.
Each loop has a dedicated switch with built-in LED, indicating the status of the loop.

Power requirements: 12VDC / 300mA
Dimensions: 203 x 102 x 51 mm (WxDxH)

Delivery time: 2-6 weeks

EU price: € 714
Export price: € 600

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