The ultimate Acoustic Guitar System

This is what we think the ultimate Acoustic Guitar System should look like.
It is with great pride we introduce you to the AGS PRO.

The AGS PRO has the following features:

  • Cable/Radio Input Selector with adjusteable Input Gain and Input Meter.
  • Acoustic Preamp
  • Two separate Studio Quality Compressors – switchable both manually and via Midi.
    Each compressor features Input Gain, Output Level, Ratio, Attack and Release controls.
    A Gain Reduction  LED-meter is available for each compressor as well.
  • Studio Quality Filter Section – can manually be bypassed.
  • Studio Quality 4-band Parametric EQ – each band is switchable (on/off) manually and via Midi.
    Each band has a Q switch, to select sharp or broad peak response.
    The Gain control on each band cuts/boosts -/+ 15dB. 
  • Two swichable EFX sends – manually and via Midi – with separate Send Level controls.
    Each EFX send has its own Send-Level-Meter.
  • EFX Master Level control. Adjust the amount of effects you want to blend with the original dry sound.
  • Master Output Level Control.
  • MUTE switch for silent tuning. Switchable manually and via Midi.

The rear side offers any connection you could wish for.

  • Cable and Balanced Radio Input
  • Isolated Tuner Out
  • Balanced EFX sends (with Phase Reverse option) and balanced stereo returns.
  • Balanced STEREO MAIN OUT for i.e. In-Ear-Monitoring.
  • SC1 connection – providing power for the SC1 Midi Foot Controller, and handling Midi communication.
  • MUTE REMOTE connection.

The F.O.H has its own section.

  • Balanced PRE DI.
    This signal is the output from the Acoustic Preamp. Pre compressor, eq etc.
  • Balanced POST DI.
    This signal is the dry signal – post compressor, eq etc.
  • Balanced STEREO EFX OUT.
    This is the stereo effected signal only.
  • Balanced STEREO MIX OUT.
    This signal is identical to the Stereo Main Out.


  • World-wide power. 90-264VAC.

EU price: € 7735
Export price: € 6500

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The compressor inside the AGS PRO is modelled after the acclaimed Urei 1176LN.
A compressor that has been (and still is) one of the most valued studio compressors of all times.
We have modified the Attack time to fit the guitar, so now the maximum attack time is 10ms.

The AGS PRO was originally developed by the request of Scorpions.
They wanted to have the ultimate acoustic guitar sound for their upcoming MTV Unplugged Tour in 2014.

After months of research and testing various prototypes, I presented Scorpions with the AGS PRO.
This became the main tool for both Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker – and also Mikael Nord Andersson – during the MTV Unplugged Tour.
In fact – every guitar player on stage used either the AGS PRO or ACP.

Read the cover story from Gitarre & Bass in 2014 below.