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Welcome to the Skrydstrup R&D website                            

At SKRYDSTRUP R&D we focus on you – the guitarist.

We want to help you find the tone of your dreams, and we will provide you with the right tools for realizing your musical ambitions.

We can solve all the rig problems you have been dealing with your entire career. No more noise, hum, tonal loss, instability and poor craftsmanship.

We only use the best components available, and every unit is thoroughly tested before shipping.

We never settle for anything less than perfect. We are constantly developing, moving barriers – and always striving for the ultimate solution.

With musical equipment from Skrydstrup R&D you’ll take a big step on your way to a quiet and transparent system.

Sincerely Steen Skrydstrup


Here is our new address:
Großhorst 15A
DE-30916 Isernhagen

Phone number: +49 (0) 5136 95 10 973





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03/12 -2014:
Our new AGS-2 Acoustic Preamp have been uploaded. Check it out at the Acoustic Preamp/DI page. 

03/12 -2014:
New system pictures have been uploaded.
Check them out at the Custom Shop Pictures page.

23/5 -2014:
Our new Studio D.I./REAMP unit is now available here 

15/5 -2014:
Our new Online Shop is now available.

14/5 -2014:
SKRYDSTRUP R&D is now on facebook - check it out

31/12 -2013:
SKRYDSTRUP R&D is moving
to Hannover, Germany. 

27/9 -2013:
New sound file of our Acoustic Guitar System have been uploaded.

17/9 -2013:
New sound files of our TD50 and Acoustic Guitar System have been uploaded.

13/8 -2013:
Our new line of Acoustic Preamp/DI's have been uploaded. Check them out at the Acoustic Preamp/DI page. 

"Amazing Danish Pedals"!,
The verdict is clear as
Swedish Guitar Mag FUZZ
tests our line of Stomp boxes  in their November issue.



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